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[30 Jul 14] FLOWERS West Coast
West Coast & Beyond There is a soft murmuring under the cold ground, maybe getting a little tetchy, as millions of slumbering flowers are impatiently jostling for their rightful place in the sun! It won’t be long now. With a sudden burst, encouraged by just enough sunshine, the daisies and their myriad of flowery friends will pop up and miraculously transform the bleak winter landscape into a brilliant flowery mantle. When spring comes to the west coast, you want to be there to witness this annual spectacle. Towns too come alive in spring. Towns like Darling. No, it’s not somebody’s sweetheart, it’s a sleepy little town with wide dusty streets where the acclaimed satirist Pieter Dirk Uys aka Tannie Evita transformed the redundant station platform into a theatre where he regales the public with his take on politicians, institutions, individuals and their exploits. Join the community in the equally popular “Voorkamer Fees” when plays and concerts are staged in some of the older residences and historic farms. Experience this splendour with your literary companion “West Coast & Beyond"


Bo Kaap homes

Chiappini street

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The walks are conducted in English and/or German from Monday to Saturday:

Duration/Dauer 2.5 hours, approximately etwa 2.5 Stunden
Fee/Kosten R 200.00 per person R 200.00 pro Person
  Accompanied children under 14 free Begleitete Kinder unter 14 - frei
Meet/Treffpunkt Cape Town Tourism
corner Burg & Castle Streets
Cape Town
or diagonally opposite at:
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15-19 Burg Street.
Monday to Friday 11h00  
Saturdays 10h00  

Cape Town on Foot & Bo-Kaap

Cape Town - the city with a thousand faces. What will you see and encounter? We take you to a 17th century water reservoir, the historic Grand Parade lined by the Castle, old Drill Hall and magnificent City Hall; we introduce you to stunning architecture, murals, the popular flower market and the impressive Standard Bank Building. Along the route you will pass Church Square, the Groote Kerk and original Slave Lodge, and then walk into the former Dutch East India’s Company’s Garden, today a green oasis in the middle of town. Here we focus on the parliamentary buildings, the National Library, direct you to the SA Museum, National Art Gallery and Jewish Museum before retracing our steps to St. George’s Cathedral, the "Peoples’ Cathedral". Then we leave the city centre behind and find our way to the original Muslim area of Cape Town, the Bo-Kaap. It is famed today for its quaint, colourful houses, but our story goes deeper than that... from here we weave back towards the city and Greenmarket Square. We do not enter museums - but buildings where history took place. Come, experience the real Cape Town.

Kapstadt zu Fuß und das Bo-Kaap

Kapstadt - die Stadt mit tausend Gesichtern. Was aber sehen wir? Wir werden erst den alten Strand kennenlernen, ein Wasserreservoir aus dem 17ten Jahrhundert sehen, ehe wir den historischen Paradeplatz erreichen, umringt vom alten Schloss, der Exerzierhalle der Engländer und dem imponierenden alten Rathaus. Wir machen Sie auch aufmerksam auf die erstaunliche Architektur der Stadt und zeigen interessante Wandmalereien. Die Route führt dann zum Church Square, überschaut von der Groote Kerk und Sklavenherberge, und hinein in den Kompanie-Garten. Hier führt uns der Weg am Parlamant vorbei, Tuynhuis und der Staatsbibliothek. Wir deuten auf das Jüdische Museum hin, das Südafrikanische Museum, die Gemäldegalerie und die Staatsbibliothek ehe wir den Weg zur St. Georgs Kathedrale finden, wo Erzbischof Desmond Tute einst predigte. Dann geht es etwas bergauf zum Bo-Kaap, dem ältesten Muslemenviertel im Land, bekannt durch seine bunten Häuser, aber unsere Geschichte greift weitaus tiefer... Nach dem Bo-Kaap geht es zurück in die Stadtmitte, Richtung Grüner Marktplatz, Greenmarket Square. Wir besuchen keine Museen - aber geschichtlich wichtige Gebäude.


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